Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Modern Luxe Events Interview and Photoshoot

Dear Reader,

Last week I did a wee photoshoot at my sister and her business partner's shop, Modern Luxe Events [http://modernluxeevents.blogspot.com/], and today I finally finished editing the photos, YAY! Please no judging, I'm an amateur photographer (if I am even labeled a photographer hahah!). The following images are shown to document the event. In future blogs, I'll be posting "Before and After" photos to show you a hint of my shooting and editing method. To be honest it's more of a hobby than something I see as a full-time profession. Nonetheless, it was loads of fun and would absolutely love to do it again.

To describe the shoot, quite simply it was a shoot of an interview she had with GeoBeats, who contacted her a while back to do a video interview. I recieved a text from my sister, Anna (Ate Anya), the night before to drop by the next morning to document the event, and of course I said "Yes"! Memories of shoots I had with my other photography friends flooded my mind: what they would do to mentally prepare themselves, what method to take to shoot the event, how they would pick the right angles and lighting to avoid spending hours editing photos. I guess there was really no sure way of mentally preparing for a shoot. Perhaps experience and learning from mistakes was one of the better ways of being "Prepared". It turned out I ended up having to edit the photos a lot anyway, but I'm glad I had the opportunity to try; and like I said before, I'm looking forward to any future projects I take on. Enjoy the show!

Love and Treats,
Lesley Ann

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