Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A New Day, and Nude Drawings

Dear Reader,

I woke up this morning thinking to myself that it's about time I grow up. This all sprang to my head last night actually, as I was writing cover letters to new job ventures. I started writing about the miscellaneous jobs I've taken up- 2.5 months at CHORA, 2.5 months at GROSS. MAX., 2 years at Sawyer Berson, 3 weeks at Balmori Associates. I probably should also mention the number of short-term internships at the various architecture firms, random clerical jobs, freelancing gigs, and volunteer work I've had in the past. None of them were long-lasting. This is nonsense isn't it? Perhaps this is all because of the uncertainties I've been facing- does this job offer what I'm looking for? Is this the profession I've really always wanted? Are the circumstances right for me to stay for a long time? I know, I'm young, and foolish, and indecisive to a degree....I don't want to blame myself for being the middle child- one who carefully considers both sides before coming to a conclusion. In my own defense however, I heard being one isn't so bad. I mean, we're pretty good negotiators heheh!

Back on track, I'm honestly fed up with the whole "Starving artist" act. It sounds romantic in the beginning, but I'm facing up to the facts now- I'm not getting younger (bleh, Peter Pan syndrome), and I have a heap of student loans to pay back. I guess that said, it's about time to work a corporate job again, or something like it. Yes, again. I worked at Westfield Corporation back in 2004, and it wasn't the worst experience, I've had, but it certainly didn't fit me well at the time. Sure, I made friends, became known for my closet Photoshop skills, and even made friends with the company's artists- wondering if I could learn their tricks of the trade. In retrospect, it was nice to have the stability, with the possibility of climbing that corporate ladder; but I honestly did not like being treated like a number. I really did feel that way; regardless of being there for 3 months or not. There were 300 people in the firm, and I was a guppie....

To end all this madness, I guess I should bite the bullet, and follow my brain. No more jumping around, and stay grounded. I have to start somewhere, so I'd might as well start from the bottom; but I need to be sure it's a good fit, one which will allow me to grow. Here we go corporate ladder, treat me well, and I'll do the same for you. Of course I'll try other smaller boutique firms, the ones that are hiring, that is. I suppose it doesn't hurt to get my name out there again any way. It's like fishing. My focus, I've decided in any case, will remain in a corporate office (fingers crossed this is a good idea).


Oh, and on a slightly different note, here are my (not so great) pieces I did at the Life Drawing class I took last time. Please no judging, and no giggling at the nude model. She worked hard that night, sitting the same pose for 4 hours. No, she didn't sit in this position for 4 hours straight, but don't you think it's a pain in the butt to even sit in the same position for even 10 minutes? Think about it, can you honestly meditate for 10 minutes? No? Cool, thanks, now do me a favor and be a bit more mature upon looking at these drawings....oh and thanks for being a good sport. =)

Cheers! xxx,
Lesley Ann

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