Monday, April 5, 2010

Progress.....and an online portfolio!!

Hello All,

This will be my first post after over 6 months of having my Blogger membership! My apologies for the delay. I've pasted a link to my online portfolio below. In it, you'll find a few projects I've done when I was an undergrad architecture student at the University of Southern California; and a project I had just completed at the Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland for the Masters of Landscape Architecture program. I also posted a few modeling images I did pro-bono for Trudy Miller: Layers (aka Clinch Design) in Brooklyn, NY. Some of the originals were washed out with white, so I've retouched them to bring out the texture in the fabric.

My goal is to have a more professional, custom-made portfolio done in Flash or Dreamweaver, and that'll be up as soon as I sort out all the coursework that needs to be done for ECA, and definitely after I learn Dreamweaver or Flash. Until that happens, this will serve as a temporary online portfolio. I hope you find it well.

Best Regards,
Lesley Ann

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