Friday, April 9, 2010

Trudy Miller's Eco-Chic Fashion Show; and a Testimonial on Trudy's line

To All Eco-Friendly People!

Come to Trudy Miller's Eco-Chic To Go Product Preview Event and Fashion Show!

My story with Trudy Miller Layers:

I became friends with Trudy in the late summer of 2007 when I took a short trip to New York for some interviews, hoping to find employment and eventually make it on my own. At that time, I was staying with two of my most gracious friends (bless you Jess and Elena!) in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, a lovely green neighborhood right outside of Manhattan. I happened upon her storefront which was just called "Layers" back then on Atlantic Avenue. I think, cosmically, the planets were aligned that day!

"'Layers'?....That sounds like trace paper....does this have something to do with architecture?", I thought as I let myself in. I was feeling particularly blue that day because I was anxious about my interviews, and just about the usual everything. I felt my whole life was shifting- away from love, to a new career, to a change of lifestyle. It was a shift from the laid-back culture of Los Angeles to the busy metropolis of New York. Could I take it?.... I would have to admit, it was brought back to reality when Trudy popped out from underneath the counter and the seemingly empty store became alive.

Trudy had such a comfortable presence about her. She gave me a quick tour around the store (before its current renovation), and we passed by collections of clothing and accessories from local artists which had their own little niches and glass boxes. To me, it was quite like being in a gallery! I was drawn to four shelves of colorful rolled fabric. It was Trudy's line, quite possibly before the invention of the Kimono Dragon. If I remember correctly, it was the gray Twist which I tried on first and wore as an off-the-shoulder blouse on a bias. Then it was a cream-colored piece (I apologize, for I've forgotten the name) which Trudy helped me convert next into a halter top, then a tube top with a bow, then something else totally weird but fun! It was so EASY to use! Trudy found it interesting that I was able to create such a variety of ways to wear her pieces, so I brought up the theory that it was due to my design background. I don't quite remember how the conversation went, but I do recall it was all over the place- from her architecture days at UC Berkeley, to design theory, philosophy, and why the world had yet to grasp sustainable, zero-waste clothing. I think our lively chatter lasted for several hours and ended with me quite happily investing in a gray Twist, a black Twist (originally for my sister, but then kept for myself ^_^), and the cream halter. Here's a link from my portfolio for a few looks I've created:

Funny, how times have changed. Looking at how well she's come along, I truly believe there's always been an audience out there for her; one that has the desire to think outside of the box and design their "Own" look by using her line as a medium of expression. I think we all can confirm we are different, though sometimes we are led to believe we need to look like someone else, dress like someone else. Us women, from one angle, can vary from being hourglass shaped, apple-shaped, pear-shaped, rectangular, etc.; and just to complicate things, our bodies change too. We gain weight, lose weight, grow taller, shorter, become pregnant. How on earth can we compete with the consistently beautiful people in magazines? The ones who never seem to change. I think what Trudy is trying to do is help her clients realize that with a shift here, a knot there, a tug, a pull, or a twist, there is a look suitable for that particular day and time.

"You can just be yourself", is what I think when I look in the mirror, "because I created this look on my own".

My life has changed so dramatically since my move to New York. Through Trudy, I met so many wonderful, creative, and inspirational people in the design and art world. In a very big way, her influence has helped me feel accepted in such a big city. It was fantastic fun to go to all her parties, pitch in at the store, volunteer as a model, and participate in one of her fashion shows! Then, last Autumn, I moved to Edinburgh, Scotland, to work towards my post-graduate degree in Landscape Architecture. Sustainability, more than anything, has become a core factor in my life. I find myself doing everything I can to stick to my student budget and reduce my carbon footprint. Lately I've been experimenting more and more with Trudy's pieces. To control the urge to buy new clothes just so I could look and feel different (not to mention reduce clutter in my already-small European closet), I try a new look. I think so far I've managed to come up with15 or more looks. When combined with some basics (i.e. black leggings, long-sleeve t-shirts, jeans, a blazer, black pumps), or another piece of hers, that number is tripled. Some of them are quite subtle, but can be emphasized by a few affordable accessories from a jumble sale which transform the look all together. Others are so dramatic that my friends hardly believe I could achieve so many looks with just one little black Kimono Dragon.

It's been three years since I bought my first piece from Trudy, and to this day all are in great condition and I continue to wear them creatively. They have been squished in my travel pack to Europe and the Philippines, pulled, twisted, and worn in all types of weather. Yet, after all this, they remain in my collection, nicely rolled up, occupying little space, waiting for the next adventure.

Now, with all that said, I do wish I could attend Trudy's fashion show, but I must remain dutiful and continue my studies here in Scotland. I envy all those who could go. If you do go to Trudy's event, you can be certain have a great time and meet some very interesting people from the design, fashion, or art industry! If you're an eco-minded individual, you'll might find elements of this event inspirational and could possibly fuel ideas for your own personal projects to save the world. All are there to spread the love. =)

So come on!!! Give it a go!

For Peace, don't take "No" for an answer,
Lesley Ann

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